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Do You Paint The Trim or Walls First?

Category: Painting Tips

When people decide to paint the interior of their homes, they will discover there are many issues that need to be addressed. Questions might range from what color is best from an aesthetic aspect, to whether the trim around the windows, baseboards and ceiling should be painted first or should they begin with the walls. […]

Tips On How To Keep Paint From Bleeding Under Painter’s and Masking Tape

Category: Painting Tips

Imagine you are anticipating painting the family room in your home. You are thinking, the two colors you picked out, neutral beige for the walls and off-white for the trim, will create a sophisticated ambiance. You have planned for everything and have all your tools in place, this include brushes, rollers, cans of paint, tape […]

Tips to Take Care of Your Paintbrushes for Years of Use

Category: Painting Tips

Quality paintbrushes. They come in different styles from wall brushes to trim brushes to sash-trim brushes. The bristles on quality paintbrushes are usually natural animal hair, synthetic, or a hybrid of the two. Natural is usually best for oil-based paints while synthetic is best with latex-based paints. Quality brushes make the paint job superior to […]

How to Paint Exposed Floor Joists for a Basement Ceiling

Category: Painting Tips

Painting your basement isn’t the most exciting task in the world, but it’s important to keep this room in good order. A painted basement is more comfortable, may raise your home’s value, and can help prevent future problems like dry rot and termites. Here’s our quick and easy guide to painting your basement’s floor joists: […]

Brighten Your Space With Coastal Paint Colors

Category: Painting Tips

Figuring out what colors to choose for home painting in Connecticut isn’t all that easy unless you have the help of a design consultant. Color consultations are invaluable but whether you do the work yourself or have help, you will want to do a little browsing for ideas first. At Perkins Painting, a local Farmington […]

How To Prevent Lap Marks When Painting

Category: Painting Tips

Every once in a while, many homeowners decide to repaint the interior of their room to retouch the walls or to completely change the color of the walls. While some homeowners pay a professional interior painter to paint the walls for them, other homeowners decide to do the job on their own. Most homeowners find […]

Painting Tape 101: How To Use Painters Tape (Use and Removal)

Category: Painting Tips

Painters tape is perfect for protecting areas such as trims and transitional edges. Usable on multiple surfaces, the painter’s tape is perfect for providing straight paint lines, lifts off cleanly and does not leave a sticky residue behind. Also, the tape minimizes the visibility of paint splotches and discoloration, therefore eliminating the need for a […]

Four Tips on How to Paint your Home’s Exterior Concrete Foundation

Category: Painting Tips

Painting your home is an essential part of preparing your home for use by you and your family. While some families decide to paint their house themselves, many others delegate the task of painting their home to professionals who have plenty of experience painting houses. Here are four helpful tips on how to paint your […]

Why You Should Paint Your Garage Floor

Category: Painting Tips

When it comes to your garage, you may not think about the floor much, if at all. You may park your car there, use it as a work space, or you may use the space for storage. This DIY project doesn’t even take that much expertise or expense. No matter what you use the garage […]

Tips on Repainting a Deck

Category: Painting Tips

A freshly painted deck is a warm, alluring ambiance that adds unmatched personality to a home’s beauty and sets the stage for the numerous outdoor activities. However, the deck is exposed to weather elements, and it can fade and become uninviting over time. Fortunately, you can repaint the deck to reinstate its former glory. Things […]

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