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2016 Home Paint Color Trends

2016 Home Paint Color Trends

2016 brings with it a resurgence of the modern, adventurous color scheme for home interiors. Here are some of the trends that interior design experts say will only get bigger as 2016 continues.

Childlike Colors

Bright lilacs and very warm purple colors are usually reserved for babies and young children; however, 2016 is bringing these colors back into residential mainrooms. Purple symbolizes warmth, purity and power, and the colors are well suited to the more modern interior design architecture that is finding its way back into the mainstream.

Milky blues are also coming back as an answer to the strong contrasts of recent designs. The faded walls of older European homes are now serving as an inspiration for brand new color schemes in 2016.

Sharp Contrasts

If you do not necessarily agree with the softer colors being re-imagined as strong, central characters in the design of a room, the theme of sharp black and white contrasts are also becoming more prevalent. If you have a general room dynamic with sharp angles and lots of space, then the design may benefit from these contrasts and high chroma colors.

Whitewashed walls with white furniture with rustic beams and poignant accent walls gives the look of a modern art studio in a living space. Sharp borders with white frames also gives a sense of space to a smaller room, especially if there are large windows to let in the sunlight.

Dark, Deep Rustic Color

If you have a rich wood texture to your furniture or your accents, then you may benefit from a dark teal, nightwolf or sea green as the main color in the room. You may also be able to combine these dark colors with faded colors to draw attention to a certain part of the room and provide a good contrast that keeps the eye moving. This lends a fuller narrative to a room with less pieces, giving you space and totality in one interior design structure.

Bold Rainbows

Stemming from the colorful waterways of Venice, sharp rainbow colors are finding their way into mainline design as well. As long as you have the personality to match the look that you are putting forward, you can pull it off. Instead of accent walls, people are now investing in full accent rooms, creating a draw for the house as a whole instead of a draw for any one particular room. The result is a more traditional look for the general home without losing out on the fun that comes from going wild with a color scheme. 2016 gives you this freedom, and more people than ever are taking it.

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