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3 Common Color Mistakes To Avoid When Painting Your Home

3 Common Color Mistakes To Avoid When Painting Your Home

Interior painting can be a wonderful home improvement project for your West Hartford home, but before you get started with the project, you need to have a solid idea of what colors you're going to use. The prospect of sorting through and deciding on colors can be an overwhelming task for many homeowners out there, and if you aren't particularly good with colors to begin with, it can be easy to make mistakes that you might be stuck looking at for longer than you'd wish. To help you avoid some of the more common color mistakes out there, our team of skilled West Hartford painting contractors has taken the time to put together this short list identifying several of those mistakes and offering a few pieces of helpful advice on how you can avoid them.

Matching Colors For Interior Painting

When you're painting your home, it's extremely important to keep the big picture in mind and strive to match paint colors throughout the entire home, not just one room at a time. In most cases, having a selection of three core colors that go together well is a great place to start, but more can be added if you like variety. For common areas, you don't want to pick colors that match your furniture exactly. Instead, choose a color in a slightly lighter or darker shade of that color, or you can use one color for the trim of the room and another to give your interior design a bit of pop.

Too Much White Or Cream

White is a pretty standard color when it comes to interior painting, and while it definitely has its place, too much of a good thing can still be a bad thing. With white paint, it's best to avoid applying it to large areas of your home. While white is an easy, clean color, it can be fairly bland on its own, but when paired with blues or grays, it can give you a more interesting design to keep the interior of your home interesting.

Balancing Neutral Colors

When it comes to bright colors, there are usually two types of homeowners: those who are afraid to use it, and those who tend to go overboard with it. While it's great for your home to have some pops of color here and there, you want to balance them with neutral tones, so the interior of your home isn't too loud. Neutral tones encompass a wide variety of colors, including earth tones, off-whites, creams, brown, beige, and grays, giving you a great assortment to pick from when choosing complimenting colors to help balance out those bright tones you love.

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