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4 Of The Best Colors For Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets

4 Of The Best Colors For Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets

If you’re one of the many Farmington homeowners out there who have made the choice to invest in painting your kitchen cabinets as opposed to replacing or refinishing them, the first big task you have in front of you is figuring out which color to go with. There are hundreds of wonderful paint colors out there for you to choose from, from neutrals to primary colors and more. With so many options at your fingertips, it can be difficult to pick the right one to fit your design goals. In an effort to help, our team of skilled painting contractors here at Perkins Painting, LLC has taken the time to put together this short list highlighting some of the best colors to use in your kitchen cabinet painting project, as well as what makes them such wonderful options. Keep reading to learn more about just a few of the wide variety of colors you can choose to revitalize and brighten your kitchen with just one painting service from a professional.

White & Dark Gray

White and dark grey are two excellent color choices when it comes to kitchen cabinets. Dark gray provides a grounded element for your kitchen’s design, and contrasts very nicely with brass hardware, while white cabinets help to keep your kitchen space feeling light and bright, giving your other, brighter kitchen colors the spotlight. These two-color options also work quite well with stainless steel appliances, giving your kitchen a sleek, modern feel.

Crisp White

If you’re looking to create a clean-looking kitchen space, crisp white is a color to consider for your kitchen cabinets. Crisp white cabinets allow you to accentuate other design elements of your kitchen and make them stand out, like in the case of pastel-colored appliances or wooden islands and countertops. Even the hardware of your cabinetry will stand out against a crisp, bright white. This classic neutral will never fail to make your kitchen feel like a high-end cooking space for you to create culinary masterpieces.

Understated Gray

If you already have a fairly bright kitchen space, using an understated, cloudy gray on your kitchen cabinets can create a wonderful contrast against the interior painting of your kitchen floors and walls, adding a bit of depth to the space. By using such a color, you allow your kitchen furniture and appliances to be the real stars of your home’s overall kitchen design. This muted color can add a coziness to your kitchen space, perfect for drinking coffee in the early morning or making soup on a snowy day.

Shades Of Blue

When you’re looking to create a bold design element for your home’s kitchen, shades of blue can be a wonderful choice. Dark and vibrant blue cabinets can give you a unique level of contrast in your kitchen space that brings a bit of depth and warmth. Vibrant blues also tend to be a fairly timeless design element, letting you have peace of mind in the knowledge that your newly painted cabinets won’t go out of style in a years’ time. Especially if your home is something that you end up passing down to your children, you can be confident that they’ll love the timeless blue that decorates the cabinets of their childhood kitchen.

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