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4 Reasons Fall Is A Great Time To Paint The Exterior Of Your Home

4 Reasons Fall Is A Great Time To Paint The Exterior Of Your Home

With summer quickly coming to a close, most homeowners are under the impression that the home improvement season has also come to an end, but believe it or not, the fall months are actually the perfect time for a number of different projects around your home, and exterior painting just so happens to be one of them. Fall can be a wonderful time of year, whether you enjoy all of the seasonal festivities, the milder weather and beautiful outdoors, or you just really love pumpkin spice lattes, and while you’re out enjoying everything the season has to offer, why not take advantage of the season and give your home that new coat of exterior paint that you have been putting off? To help highlight just a few of the reasons that come together to make fall one of the prime times for exterior painting, our team of professional Farmington Valley painting contractors have taken the time to put together this short list that we hope you will read through and enjoy.

Scheduling Flexibility

During the spring and summer months it can actually be quite difficult to schedule a time for your exterior painting project that is truly convenient for you. The spring and summer months are usually quite busy, and most painting contractors find themselves getting requests for more projects than they can reasonably fit in, which means you are often forced to book an appointment for your project that isn’t as convenient for you as you would like. However, in the fall, most painting contractors schedule’s open up a bit, and finding a time to get your project done that is convenient for you is much easier than it would be otherwise.

Less Chance Of Rain

While a bit of rain is good for the plants around your home, it isn’t necessarily the best thing for your newly painted home exterior. While it’s true that rain can come at any time of year, it is generally a bit less common during the fall when the weather takes a turn for milder temperatures, and this is generally a good thing for new exterior paint. Moisture can make it very difficult for your new paint to dry and properly bond to the surface of your home, so the lower chance of rain after painting, the better.

Less Humidity

When it comes to your home’s exterior paint, it is important to ensure that your paint dried and properly bonds to the exterior of your home, otherwise you could find yourself with paint that bubbles up, cracks, or peels away long before it should. High humidity can be problematic in that sense, and because the humidity is generally higher during the spring and summer, it can sometimes pose problems when it comes time to paint your home. The fall months, by contrast, generally experience much lower humidity on average, making it an ideal time for exterior painting overall.

Cooler Temperatures

Another wonderful aspect of fall are the milder temperatures. Not only are milder temperatures more helpful when it comes to helping your paint dry properly, but it also means that the contractors doing the work will have an easier time getting the job done, and can work longer to ensure it gets done in a timely manner without the oppressive heat of the summer sun beating down on them.

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