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Brighten Your Space With Coastal Paint Colors

Brighten Your Space With Coastal Paint Colors

Figuring out what colors to choose for home painting in Connecticut isn’t all that easy unless you have the help of a design consultant. Color consultations are invaluable but whether you do the work yourself or have help, you will want to do a little browsing for ideas first.

At Perkins Painting, LLC, a local Farmington painting contractor, we find that nature can be very inspiring. We love to give our customers tips for their house painting projects. Using colors taken from the natural setting of the area you live in is one of the easiest ways to choose paint colors for your home.

The coastal beauty of Connecticut can be used to plan your color pallet whether you live inland or in another state altogether. Take a look around you and find some colors and color combinations that move you. Then find similar paint colors for your home.

Coastal Colors Can Become Your Favorites

Palm fronds, botanical artwork, colored glass accessories, and wicker furniture all look lovely with fresh, soft green walls as a backdrop. Check out the Sherwin Williams coastal inspired paint colors such as Slow Green, Riverway, Extra White, Coastal Plain, Black Bean, and Rainwashed for interior painting. For exterior painting services, look at Buff, Certain Peach, Aquastone, Naval, and Green Jewel. Let the beauty of nature that surrounds us in the coastal region of Connecticut inspire you to create something truly amazing.

Modern Pops Of Color

Coastal paint colors aren’t all lumped into the soft blue, green, and yellow hues. If you take a look at nature, perhaps just outside your window, you’ll see brighter colors that add interest to the view. Bring these pops of color into your home in the form of accessories, artwork, pillows, dishes, and collectibles. There’s no better way to modernize a design!

Use these coastal Connecticut colors for inspiration and find their equivalent for accent paints:

  • Bright right berries on the Common Winterberry
  • The beautiful Red Maple
  • The gorgeous Rugosa Rose
  • The beautiful soft Wild Red Columbine
  • Lilac Wild Blue Phlox
  • The beauty of the white snow against a golden sunset
  • Emerald, aquamarine, coral, and other colors of the ocean

If you have questions or would like to schedule a Color Consultation with our Farmington Painting Contractors at Perkins Painting, LLC, please call 860-666-8850 or complete our online request form.