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Deciding between Oil or Latex for House Painting Projects in Newington

Deciding between Oil or Latex for House Painting Projects in Newington

When you are painting the interior or exterior of your Newington residence, it is important to consider all of your options and the ramifications of your choices. Starting at the most basic level, the first thing that you must consider for your house painting project is the paint that you will use. Before you even get to the color scheme that you and your family is interested in, you should consider the two major base materials of house paint: oil and latex.

When you are house painting, you should be aware of the inherent advantages and disadvantages of oil and latex paints. The house painting contractors at Perkins Painting, LLC have immense knowledge about all painting materials. They will work with you every step of the way when you are deciding about house paint. Their interior and exterior residential painters will provide you with expert advice and quality services.

Oil Based Paint for your Newington Home

Oil-based paint is named for the substance that is used to provide adhesion between the pigment and the painted surface. Oil-based paints use either a natural oil or a synthetic resin called alkyd. The binder utilized also provides protection after the paint has dried.

The distinctive factor about oil-based paint is that it dries much slower than latex paint. At first, this may seem like an inherent disadvantage during your Newington house painting project; however, the lengthy drying time carries with it several advantages.

Because oil-based paints dry for a longer period of time, the paint has more time to flatten out along the surface. Because the paint has time to flatten out, minor errors in technique and the brush strokes themselves fade away before the paint hardens. As such, oil-based paints leave a superior uniform finish. The long drying time also gives the house painter more time to work.

There are some disadvantages to oil-based paint. Because the paint is so protective, clean up can be difficult, requiring mineral spirits or turpentine. Oil-based paints have an intense smell during the house painting project. Lastly, oil-based paints are bad for the environment if not disposed of properly.

Latex Paint for your Newington Home

Latex paint is also named for the binder, which is usually a plastic made of either acrylic, vinyl, or a combination of the two. If you are considering latex paint for your Newington house painting project, there are several distinct advantages to this material.

First, latex paint dries more quickly than oil paint. This means that a professional contractor can do two coats of paint in one day. Second, there are fewer fumes to worry about, and clean up is a snap with soap and water. Lastly, latex paint is not as harmful for the environment.

If you choose either oil-based or latex paint for your Newington house painting project, you will be most pleased with the results if you hire a professional contractor. The house painting contractors at Perkins Painting, LLC will provide you with the best advice when it comes to paint choice, and they guarantee that you will love the new look of your Newington home.

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