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Four Tips on How to Paint your Home’s Exterior Concrete Foundation

Four Tips on How to Paint your Home’s Exterior Concrete Foundation

Painting your home is an essential part of preparing your home for use by you and your family. While some families decide to paint their house themselves, many others delegate the task of painting their home to professionals who have plenty of experience painting houses. Here are four helpful tips on how to paint your house’s concrete foundation yourself.

The first tip is to check that the concrete foundation of your home is stable. Cracks and crevices which appear on the surface can lead you to having a poor finish. So if you discover any cracks or crevices, it is best to repair the cracks and even out the surface of the foundation. Crevices can be filled in using an acrylic filler and you might want to paint with a dark color to further conceal any imperfections on the foundation that may remain after you are done repairing it. You should also not paint a newly constructed concrete foundation.

The second tip is to clean the entirety of the concrete foundation. After making any necessary repairs to the foundation and filling in any crevices, cleaning it is the next step to preparing your home’s foundation. Washing the foundation’s surface can be done by utilizing a hose or a simple bucket filled with water. Following the cleaning of the foundation’s surface with water, dry and clean the foundation with a rag. Rip out any weeds growing near the concrete foundation and tidy up the surroundings to complete the cleaning of the foundation.

The third tip is to get the paint equipment ready to paint your home’s exterior concrete foundation. You can do this by washing the paint roller using clean water, which should eliminate dust and dirt. A clean paint roller is critical to the paint job or the dust and grime on the paint roller will be cemented on the surface of the paint. After that, use a painter’s pan and then blend the paint colors you are using to an appropriate consistency as described in the instructions found on the label of the paint. Double checking the paint roller to ensure it is completely clean is also a good idea.

The fourth tip is to actually paint the exterior concrete foundation of your home. Painting the concrete foundation’s grooves with a paint brush is a good idea and should be done before you start painting using the roller. Ensure that you paint the edges utilizing strokes that go in the exact same direction. It is natural for a considerable amount of paint to be used during the first coat. Once you are done applying the first coat of paint, wait for roughly an hour and check that the first coat is totally dry before you begin the following coats of paint.

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