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Helpful Painting and Design Tips to Transform Your Garage

Helpful Painting and Design Tips to Transform Your Garage

Looking to spruce up your garage with a new paint job? Great idea. Your garage offers a full range of design possibilities from floors to walls. And livening it up with an attractive paint job is more than an anesthetic choice. It can also very likely help to increase the value of your home. But before you make any final color and style decisions, take a look at these helpful tips and valuable color guides.

Choosing Color and Design

Before deciding on your color palette, you should determine the primary use of your garage after the paint job. Are you still using it merely for storage and vehicles? Do you want to extend your living space? Are you transforming it into a work room? Take these factors into account when considering color and design. This year’s color trends lean towards purples, lilacs and blues. These are wonderful colors to play with in a garage space. The brighter hues reflect light – an essential feature for work areas. But if you are considering a more traditional use of your garage, the darker tones will help hide dirt and stains. Bold contrasts, well-defined borders and striking lines are additional trends for 2016 that can turn your garage into an attractive extension of your home. Take stock. Review your options and allow yourself to embrace beauty and innovation.

Fun Ideas

If you have the extra space and you want to do something different and fun, go for it! You are limited only by your own imagination. Here are a few suggestions to get your creative juices flowing.

  • Create a chalkboard surface for brainstorming your next big project, to-do lists or fun for the kids.
  • Get snazzy with it — Add some dramatic effects, such as a chess-board pattern, stripes and other striking patterns, optical illusions or scenic vistas.
  • Create a retro space, such as a 50’s diner, a reading nook or a throw-back rec room.

Prepping the Space

Once you have decided on your theme, design and colors, you will want to prep your space. Before you start, ensure that your floors and walls are in the best condition for a new paint job. Here are some tips to get you there.

  • Apply some elbow grease and perform deep cleaning to remove all dust, dirt and dinginess prior to any painting. A degreasing cleaner is an effective fix for your baseboards.
  • Fill in dents, chips and other visible issues in your garage walls with drywall compound or vinyl spackling using a putty knife. You can also use a sanding block to attack minor imperfections.
  • Use crack repair and sealant on your garage floor.
  • Cover remaining concrete flooring imperfections and add extra protection with epoxy paint. Include an anti-slip additive for more traction and added safety.

While a DIY approach is completely understandable for your garage painting project, at Perkins Painting, LLC LLC, we are primed and ready to make your project come to life. Give us a call at 860-666-8850 to discuss your interior (and exterior) garage painting needs.

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