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Tips On Hiring The Right Painting Contractor

Tips On Hiring The Right Painting Contractor

So you have decided to paint your house. Maybe you don’t have the time to do it yourself, maybe you don’t have any help, maybe you just don’t feel like doing it. Either way, you’re not going to do it but you most definitely know what you want. You know exactly what you want which is why it’s so important you Hire The RIGHT Painting Contractor. There are a plethora of great painting contractors out there to choose from. Knowing this, here is some helpful advice on choosing the right one for the job!

Room Planning

The first thing you need to do is choose what needs to need to be painted. Is it just a room or two? Or an entire house – interior and exterior? Walk around your entire house and see what needs more attention and what you would like painted. This way, when the painting contractor arrives, you’re not just starting the plan – you already have an idea of your goals in mind.

What Else?

Decide if any other minor repairs are in order before/during painting. There is nothing worse than hiring a painter to paint over a wall that is damaged – it simply won’t look right and you’ll need to have the area repaired and then painted again! If your wall is damaged, rough and tattered be sure to ask the painting contractor about what he (or she) will do to smooth/prepare the surface before painting as many painters will offer minor repairs and touch-up services. Also, decide if you want to add new moldings or maybe replace the ones you have. Think about baseboards, new hardware on the doors, and maybe new doors altogether. Making these decisions/analysis beforehand will help you plan your project with the painter and understand the process far better.

Colors & Sheen

Next, think about what colors and finishes of paints you want to use. You make want to make a trip down to the hardware store and check out the many colors/finishes beforehand as this can be a lengthy process. This way you know what you’re looking for when you talk to the painter. The contractor will likely also have a suggestion or two. Be sure you take into account what the painter suggest. In most cases they have a great eye for what looks right, after-all, they do this day in and day out. Another consideration is the paint sheen (the texture) be sure to ask about this – a professional will have lots of insight!

Get References

Ask around your neighborhood and friends if they have any suggestions for a painting contractor. If they refer you to a contractor there is a good chance you will have an enjoyable experience as they did. There are tons of them to choose from, so choose wisely. New to the neighborhood? Not a problem, check out Google Maps, Yelp and other review websites that offer a platform for customers to submit honest reviews.

Request An Estimate

Once you’ve sorted out all of the preliminary details, call around and ask for a painter to come out and quote your project. Make sure to go over all the specifics. How many rooms to be painted, what colors and brands, and also how many coats of paint it will require. See if the painter has a work portfolio he/she can show you of recent works. You need to be specific and detailed so you can receive an accurate estimate. Now is the time to ask questions!

If you decide you want a special paint technique or service (sponging, murals, repairs etc.) be sure to ask the painting contractor if this is part of their scope of services. Not all painters offer such specialty services. You don’t want to pay for the job and then find out later that they are not qualified to do these types of jobs.

Get Started

Execute your contract with all the details of the painting job in place. Make sure to understand what is being done, for how much and when. Start and finish dates, payment schedule, and all of the specifications of the job that is to be completed should be understood by both parties. Do not leave any room for guessing in the estimate/quote/contract so be sure to read through it carefully.

Once the job is complete it may not hurt to ask the painter for the paint codes that he/she applied. You will need this just in case you need to do some touch ups in the future.

There you have it. The above should make a successful customer+painter collaboration. Consider the above information when choosing your next painting contractor. In the Connecticut area and the right painting contractor for your job? Contact Perkins Painting, LLC today!

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