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How to Choose the Perfect Colors for an Interior Painting Project

How to Choose the Perfect Colors for an Interior Painting Project

When you paint any room in your Farmington Valley home, the colors that you choose to paint it will have a huge effect on the look and feel of the room. While you should try to keep the theme and decor of your entire home similar through every room, you’ll also need to think about the atmosphere you’re trying to create in specific rooms, and the colors of your walls have a huge effect on that.

This decision can be much easier to make if you know a few of the principles that determine what different colors and color combinations can help you achieve. The professionals at Perkins Painting, LLC have put together a few of the things you should keep in mind when you’re choosing colors for an Farmington Valley interior painting project.

Here are some tips:

Get Professional Help

Many homeowners like to tackle Farmington Valley interior painting on their own as a DIY project, but getting help from a professional has a number of great advantages. For one thing, as expert painters, these professionals will be able to quickly decide on a few different color combinations based on what you’re hoping to achieve in your Farmington Valley home with this project.

Letting a professional who will work closely with you take on this responsibility can help make the entire process much easier, and it can also significantly improve the final results. They’ll have suggestions for you based on the effects you’d like to create, and they can help you make great decisions.

Consider the Mood You’d Like to Create

When you’re choosing a color for your interior walls, you’re really choosing what sort of mood you’d like to create in the room. A kitchen can be energized by reds and yellows, and a bedroom can feel cozy with soft blues and green. Bright colors can make a room feel larger, and deeper blue-greens can make a room feel formal.

Think about how you’d like a room to feel, then try to select colors that will help you create that feeling.

It’s important to note that brighter colors can be a risky option. While you may be attempting to create a vibrant and energetic atmosphere in your Farmington Valley home, you could easily end up creating an anxious atmosphere.

Consider the Room’s Lighting

The lighting of the room can have a huge effect on how the colors you choose are perceived. If a room is lit with only a few lamps or has other dim lighting, you can get away with brighter colors, but a room that is usually brightly lit shouldn’t have very brightly colored walls.

Consider Your Home’s Decor

Make sure that you consider the existing décor and interior decoration style of your Farmington Valley home when you’re selecting your interior painting colors. The entire space will be changed by your wall color, so keep the entire area in mind when making your decision.

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