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Masculine Man Cave Painting Ideas For Your Basement

Masculine Man Cave Painting Ideas For Your Basement

Over the years, the Man Cave concept in interior design has become more than just an average old garage or basement makeover project. Today, a man cave is a modern-day fortress of solitude where a man’s dream is realized through meticulous design and art. Men see color differently from women, there is no colorblind man. Man caves are best painted in warmer colors; in most instances inclining towards shades of a brown and gray palette. The principle behind using these colors as the main palette is based on two factors, the first being shades of gray and brown, which are versatile as well as complimentary. Second is that they are manly colors, simple though they remain fresh in sight.

Grey palette

The first gray palette to consider is Chelsea Gray. This paint has a subtle vibe of vintage that blends well with a variety of accents such as Semolina, Golden Harvest, Gray Owl, and Waterbury Green. A Chelsea Gray palette is versatile; subsequently, accommodating a variety of accessories, for instance, it accommodates green felt of a pool table while retaining a manly feel. Another gray palette to consider is Edgecomb Gray. This is somewhat a refined or classy man’s gray that offers a unique view of a man cave. An Edgecomb Gray may not be versatile but, it goes well with warmer accents such as Harvest Moon, Kendall Charcoal, Manchester Tan, and Willow.

Most often than not, men prefer darker shades; Intense White as the main palette offers an exclusive taste especially when used alongside Chelsea Gray and Hudson Bay accents. Another gray palette to consider include Wrought Iron. The color is bold complimenting Middlebury, Cloud White, Orange Parrot, as well as Kendall Charcoal Brown accents.

Brown / Beige Palette

When it comes to using a brown palette as the main color, Bleeker Beige is usually uber-manly. This palette is appealing to most of the modern construction homes considering it gives the room a subtle stone texture that goes well with a variety of accents such as Alexandria Beige, Willow, Chelsea Gray, and Manchester Tan. Kingsport Gray or Grant Beige is another unique main color palette that looks great for the modern day man cave. The color is warm and gives out a cozy lounge vibe that easily compliments Willow, Natural Linen, and Covered Bridge accents.

Another brown palette to consider is that Willow or Muslin. This color has the depth that adds interest to the space while complimenting the lighter colors such as Denim Wash, Stone House, and Hot Chocolate.

In most instances, women desperately do not want man caves; however, using a Natural Linen or Muslin palette as the main color may change a woman’s mind to stay just a bit longer. This color is versatile and fresh complimenting Cloud White, Willow, and Ravishing Red accents, which give the room a warm texture.

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