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Painting Made Easy: Painting Can be Done Quickly and Efficiently

Painting Made Easy: Painting Can be Done Quickly and Efficiently

Getting Started Is the Hard Part

There is something about painting that makes us dread the beginning but absolutely love the ending. A freshly painted room and the newest, trendy color is a real eye-catcher. This page imparts the easiest and quickest ways to get to that much-coveted ending without too much difficulty.

Let’s Start At the Beginning

Even the pros suggest you clean the surface to be painted before ever opening a can of paint. There is simply no way to avoid this step. Using trisodium phosphate or a trisodium phosphate substitute is the recommended way to go. Taking off the dirt, debris, grime and soot off of the wall renders a better cleaning surface.

Before you really get started it is also a great idea to fill in any dips or dimples in the walls with spackle. Again, it takes a little time but is the best assurance that you will have a gorgeous end result.

The good thing about taking the time to prepare properly up front is that it is a better chance you will love the end result.

Dare We Say That Four Letter Word ?

“Tape” – OK we said it. Taping baseboards and ceilings is the most dreaded part of a DIY painting project. No matter the quality of the tape or the quickness of your hand, taping takes a lot of time. Some experts suggest not taping at all and to simply cut in the paint with a smaller brush near the ceilings. As for the chair rails and baseboards taping first should always be the rule since these areas are much more susceptible to splatter.

Basically it all comes down to how steady a painting hand you have. The steadier your hand the more you can avoid taping. As you know taping, does not always ensure quality since the paint can bleed through the tape and some of the paint may be removed when you are removing the tape. Tape as absolutely necessary.

Now You’re Ready to Rock and Roll

Even the tiniest lumps are unsightly so always strain the paint before pouring into your roller tray. As you rock and roll try to avoid lap marks (going over an area that is already dry). Be consistent and roll from the bottom to the top, then reverse.

After All, You Don’t Have To DIY

Perkins Painting, LLC LLC has 30 years of experience making homes and business spaces look amazing. If you choose to go the professional route for your painting project we are the best in the business, making your experience with our customer service staff and our painters extraordinarily easy and stress free.

If you need painting from our Central CT & Farmington Valley painting contractor, then please call 860-666-8850 or complete our online request form.