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Should I use a Roller, Brush or Sprayer For My Next Painting Project?

Should I User A Roller, Brush or Sprayer For My Next Painting Project?

Paint sprayers aren’t just for professional painters now, and you may be wondering if a paint sprayer will help you with your next project. There are advantages and disadvantages to traditional painting versus using a sprayer, so it is important to consider your skills and resources when deciding.

The Best Times To Use a Sprayer


Sprayers leave nice, smooth surfaces so they are great for finishing cabinets and furniture. Because of the wide area they spray, you can also get in all the small spots and nooks and crannies without trying too hard.

If you want to use a sprayer for interior painting on walls or trim, you will need to cover any areas around to make sure they are not covered by paint while you are working. This also means that there can be a large waste of paint when using a sprayer to paint a large area. Also, paint is usually thinned when used in a sprayer, so it can often end up looking messy, with drips and runs. Cleaning up can be a pain, as you will have to take the machine apart and wash each part carefully.

When To Use a Roller


If you have large, flat areas you can use rollers to apply paint quickly and easily. These are great for areas like walls and ceilings.


Rollers leave a textured surface, so it doesn’t look good when you use them on areas like trim or any other kinds of surface where you need a smooth finish. If you do need a smooth finish, you can use a brush immediately after using a roller to smooth out the surface. You can also use a shorter nap roller for a smoother surface, but the smaller roller will mean more work.

When to Use a Brush


Many people love the control of a good, old-fashioned paintbrush. You can get a smoother surface than you can get with a roller, and get great results on projects like woodwork and trim. Using the right brush is important, and you can get different brushes for different projects. A brush with angled bristles, for instance, can help you get in and cut in the small areas around the corner of a window; you will also only use the paint you need.

Painting with a brush has great advantages, but it’s harder work and you can use rollers and spray in addition to get more done faster.

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