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The Best Way to Paint Baseboard Trim on Carpet

The Best Way to Paint Baseboard Trim on Carpet

If you’re getting ready to paint a room with wall to wall carpet, getting a good and even coat on the baseboard trim looks difficult. As with any type of home improvement project, it’s easy to get the right result when you follow the best methods. Simply laying down a drop cloth isn’t enough because it’s too difficult to get the entire baseboard without getting paint on the carpet. Here are a few solutions.

Methods to Paint Your Baseboard Without Ruining the Carpet

There are a few methods that work well and give you an even coat without compromising your carpeting. Some people will recommend removing the molding, painting it, and then installing it again. That method is possible but not always practical because it’s easy to damage molding when you remove it. The following methods offer the best results:

  • Pull the carpet back from the baseboard. This method is straightforward, though time consuming. You can pull the carpet back from the baseboard, paint, and then re-affix the carpet. If your carpet is glued, this is not going to be the best method because it will be difficult to pull up the carpet without damaging it.
  • Use Painter’s Tape. This is also pretty straight forward, it just needs to be done in the right manner.

Using Painter’s Tape to Paint Baseboards Without Ruining Carpet

Painter’s tape can be used to protect the carpet. The difficulty most DIY-ers face is that they haven’t used the products correctly. Simply using masking tape along the edge of the carpet won’t help you protect the carpet or get an even coat on your baseboards.

1. Use the right tape. Make sure the tape you choose adheres to the carpet well. Test it out to make sure it’s not going to shift, move, or easily get pulled away from the surface.

2. Apply the painter’s tape to the area just next to the baseboard.

3. Use a putty knife or painter’s tool to push the edge of the painter’s tape under the baseboard. This will allow you to paint the entire baseboard without missing spots near the floor.

4. Apply a second strip of painter’s tape to increase the width of the first. This will help make sure that the carpet is adequately protected.

5. Use a drop cloth to protect the area you’re working in.

6. Apply paint evenly and carefully.

7. Wait until the paint is fully dry before removing the tape.

Painting any room needs some deference to precision so that you get the most even coat and coverage. If you follow the right steps and take your time, there’s no reason your room can’t look like you hired a seasoned professional to do all of the painting.

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