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Tips on Touching Up Ceiling and Textured Paint

Tips on Touching Up Ceiling and Textured Paint

One of the most daunting tasks for people home and business owners, finding the best methods of touching up areas that need to be repainted can be more difficult than it seems. Moreover, this task is even more difficult when the paint is textured and is located on the ceiling. Are you looking for some simple ways to retouch various areas of your ceiling with textured paint? The following is a short overview on how to do just that.

Addressing Painting Breaks

One of the most unsightly things to deal with in terms of painting your home, painting breaks refers to the breaks in the walls that appear at the corners. A difficult place to paint over, this area of the wall/ ceiling often requires extra special attention. In order to touch up these areas, it is imperative that you purchase the same exact type and shade of paint for the most suitable match. Although you can still do a decent job at repairing this without the same exact paint, you will be much better off if it is available. After that, by using a roller on large spaces and a small brush on the smaller ones, carefully paint and blend until the entire area is sufficiently covered.

Dealing with Shiny Finishes

Another thing to be mindful of is dealing with shiny finishes. Semi and high gloss paints can be a pain to retouch. Although there are some methods to do so being used by the pros, if you want to retouch your ceiling using a shinier type of paint, your best bet is paint the entire wall.

Kilz Upshot Stain Sealer

Lastly, for a more simple method of retouching your ceiling paint, try Kilz Upshot Stain Selaer. A great solution that removes the need for most prep work as well as the other tedious elements of the retouching process. Simply follow the instructions on the can and you can quickly and easily retouch areas all over your home including textured ceilings! I great alternative to other methods, check out this product to find out whether it’s right for your painting needs!

Overall, retouching a painted ceiling can certainly be a pain. Nevertheless, by following the tips can tricks within this article, it can be much easier than you think. Moreover, if you feel you are in over your head, be sure to contact a professional. Do it yourself jobs are always fun, but you should never do anything at the cost of the quality of the job.

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