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Why Hire a Professional Interior Painting Company For Your CT Home

Why Hire a Professional Interior Painting Company For Your CT Home

If you need to have your home’s interior or exterior painted, it may be tempting to think about tackling the job yourself. However, hiring a professional painting company to do the work for you has many advantages over DIY. Here are some of the top reasons why it makes sense to hire professionals for your next painting job.

Quality and Precision

When you hire a licensed and insured professional painting company like ours, you can rest assured the finished work will not only be neat, precise and attractive, but it will be durable. We have the experience and know-how to apply the right paint and finishes that will stand up to the drastic seasonal weather changes in Connecticut. And we get each job done right the first time. All too often, tackling a DIY project is a process of trial and error. You can skip any troubleshooting and go straight to excellent results by hiring a professional painter.

The Right Tools for a Flawless Finish

Painting calls for more tools than you might think of at first. Drop sheets, rollers and trays, roller poles, high-quality brushes, tape, dust masks, sandpaper, caulking and filler, primer, paint and ladders are just some of what’s needed. When you think of all the items you’d have to gather to do a painting job yourself, hiring a painter seems more and more cost effective. At Perkins Painting, LLC Painting, we’ve learned from years of experience which tools and materials are the right ones for achieving a high-quality result every time. Avoid the hidden costs of DIY by hiring a pro.

Fast Yet Detailed Results

We know how to organize each job for maximum efficiency while also paying careful attention to detail. We clean all surfaces as needed before painting, protect any large areas that aren’t being painted, remove switch plates and house numbers, scrape and sand surfaces and more. We also perform a thorough inspection and cleanup afterward. We do all of this at a much faster rate than any nonprofessional could do, minimizing any potential interruption to your home routine.

Reduced Stress

A professional painter is licensed and insured for your peace of mind. Also, our employees are trained in safety. Let us get up on the ladders to reach high places. Happy customers are the secret to our success. We understand the importance of being courteous, neat and quiet on every job. We always show up on time, and we stay out of your way. Our commitment to service provides you with stellar results and a hassle-free experience. That’s difficult to achieve with DIY. Hire a professional painter and see for yourself.

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