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Can I Paint My Kitchen Tile?

Category: Painting Tips

Renovating and remodeling a kitchen can be an expensive endeavor. However, there are many ways that you can update your kitchen without spending so much money. Painting kitchen tiles is just one way. Ceramic tiles are permanently installed but colors and styles can quickly go out of fashion. Painting your tiles is an easy way […]

How To Fix Peeling Paint in your Bathroom

Category: Painting Tips

Peeling is a common issue with bathroom walls that is mainly caused by possible water leaks, build up soap scum and humidity. When paint peels off, it makes your bathroom look bad, and also acts as a breeding site for bacteria and other insects. To prevent your paint from peeling, it’s crucial to work carefully […]

How To Paint Your Wooden Fireplace Mantle

Category: Painting Tips

The fireplace mantle remains a focal point in most homes today as it is where family and guests congregate for warmth and some quality time. This being the case, it needs to be primed every once in a while to improve the overall interior appearance of the house. Painting a wooden fireplace mantel is a […]

Why You Should Remove that Popcorn Ceiling

Category: Painting Tips

A popcorn ceiling which is sometimes referred to as stucco ceiling is a highly textured ceiling in your home that usually resembles popcorn. These types of ceilings are common in bedrooms and hallways of most homes in the United States that were built between 1950 and 1980’s. Home builders used these ceilings for aesthetics and […]

Masculine Man Cave Painting Ideas For Your Basement

Category: Painting Tips

Over the years, the Man Cave concept in interior design has become more than just an average old garage or basement makeover project. Today, a man cave is a modern-day fortress of solitude where a man’s dream is realized through meticulous design and art. Men see color differently from women, there is no colorblind man. […]

How to Paint Baseboard Heating Covers

Category: Painting Tips

Despite taking a considerable amount of space, baseboard radiators play an essential role in heating our home when the temperature goes low. It reaches a time when the baseboard heating covers get ugly due to rust,accumulated scuff and scraping. If you want to give them a facelift, painting them to match the color of the […]

Why Hire a Professional Home Painter in Connecticut vs. DIY

Category: Painting Tips

Painting is an art that requires a special set of skills for perfect execution. An amateur who tries it will most likely end up with shoddy work at best. At Perkins Painting LLC, we have perfected the art of painting over a long period. You would like to contract our company for any and all […]

Front Door Painting Ideas For Your Home

Category: Painting Tips

It is said that your home is your castle. It is more than a place that you hang out. Your home is you and represents who you are or, at least, who you want to be. As the newness of your home wears off, the first thing you will want to do is repaint and […]

Do You Paint The Trim or Walls First?

Category: Painting Tips

When people decide to paint the interior of their homes, they will discover there are many issues that need to be addressed. Questions might range from what color is best from an aesthetic aspect, to whether the trim around the windows, baseboards and ceiling should be painted first or should they begin with the walls. […]

Tips On How To Keep Paint From Bleeding Under Painter’s and Masking Tape

Category: Painting Tips

Imagine you are anticipating painting the family room in your home. You are thinking, the two colors you picked out, neutral beige for the walls and off-white for the trim, will create a sophisticated ambiance. You have planned for everything and have all your tools in place, this include brushes, rollers, cans of paint, tape […]

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