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Why Stick with Brick? How to Paint and Modernize Your Fireplace

Category: Painting Tips

Brick can be beautiful and sure, there is a quaint charm to a classic brick fireplace. Even so, while brick might be right for some homes, that doesn’t mean it’s right for your home. In fact, the brick found in many modern living spaces can really mute the tone of the room and disrupt the ambiance you are […]

Helpful Painting and Design Tips to Transform Your Garage

Category: Painting Tips

Looking to spruce up your garage with a new paint job? Great idea. Your garage offers a full range of design possibilities from floors to walls. And livening it up with an attractive paint job is more than an anesthetic choice. It can also very likely help to increase the value of your home. But […]

2016 Home Paint Color Trends

2016 brings with it a resurgence of the modern, adventurous color scheme for home interiors. Here are some of the trends that interior design experts say will only get bigger as 2016 continues.   Childlike Colors Bright lilacs and very warm purple colors are usually reserved for babies and young children; however, 2016 is bringing […]

Why Hire a Professional Home Painter?

Painting a home is a major undertaking, whether the interior, exterior or both need painting. Many enthusiastic home owners likely think they can cut corners and save money by doing it themselves. Painting your home is one job that should be left to the professionals. Cutting corners does not save money Cutting corners is a […]

Can I paint Vinyl on my house?

Category: Painting Tips

  It is noticeable — the vinyl siding on your house is faded and pale; the time has definitely come to spruce things up a bit!  Vinyl siding is long-lasting but because it can get dull and dirty, a fresh coat of paint is just the thing to make the outside of your home sparkle. […]

Tips for Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets

A kitchen makeover doesn’t have to break the bank. Sometimes all you need is a new color palette to freshen things up, and painting your kitchen cabinets can be just the upgrade you need. Paint can cover up scratches or worn spots, and it also lets you bring the look of your kitchen up to […]

Basic Guidelines To Understanding Color

Category: Painting Tips

Color plays an important role in any home remodeling in Connecticut project. While some homeowners have a natural instinct for mixing and matching colors, others seem to be color challenged. Although you may not be a professional expert at Connecticut painting, it is possible to grasp basic color concepts and how they affect the way […]

How to Choose the Perfect Colors for an Interior Painting Project

When you paint any room in your Farmington Valley home, the colors that you choose to paint it will have a huge effect on the look and feel of the room. While you should try to keep the theme and decor of your entire home similar through every room, you’ll also need to think about […]

Can I Paint Vinyl Siding?

  Vinyl siding is a popular home exterior choice for homeowners, as it looks good and is much more affordable than other materials. What’s more is that manufacturing methods have advanced to the point where vinyl siding requires little maintenance. But with that being said, nothing lasts forever – and there will come a time […]

4 Tips to Painting Your Bathroom

Category: Painting Tips

  In the past, the kitchen was the most frequently remodeled room in the house. Nowadays, though, bathrooms have edged past the kitchen and are renovated more than any other space in a home. While replacing your fixtures or tile might require the help of a professional, quite often a fresh coat of paint can […]

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